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                LED Strips in 12 Volt or 24 Volt

                To connect the LED strip to 100-230V you will also need a power supply. These can be found in "Accessoires for LED Strips > Power supplies". Please note that we sell LED strips in both 12 Volt and 24 Volt. The advantage of a 24 Volt LED strip light is that you can connect more meters in one piece, without power loss. You need to choose the power supply in the correct voltage as well: Use a 12 Volt power supply with a 12 Volt LED Strip and a 24 Volt power supply with a 24 Volt LED Tape!
                The product page for every LED strips explains which power supply you will need based on the LED Strip length that you want.

                12/24V Led Strip Sets (15)

                Magic Dream Color 6803 IC RGB LED Strip 5050 30Leds/m


                5M 5050 RGB LED Strip set Horse race Chasing Dream Color 54Leds/m


                5M 5050 WS2811 IC RGB LED strip 30Led/m with Controller Adapter


                5M RGB LED Strip SMD 5050 With 24/44Key IR Remote Controller


                5M 3528 RGB LED Strip 60Led/m with IR controller Adapter


                5M SMD 2835 RGB LED Strip 60leds/m with IR controller Adapter


                5M 5050 60Leds/m Single Color Led strip with Controller Adapter


                5M SMD 5050 RGB led strip 30Leds/m with Adapter IR Controller


                5M SMD 5050 Led strip 60Leds/m with remote controller Adapter


                5M SMD 2835 Single color LED Strip 60Leds/m with RF controller Adapter


                5M 2835 RGB LED Strip 60Leds/m with 10Key controller Adapter


                5M 2835 60Leds/m RGB LED Strip with 24/44Key Controller Adapter


                10M SMD 2835 60Leds/m RGB LED Strip With IR Controller Adapter


                5M SMD 2835 60Leds/m Single color led strip with 2A Adatper


                WS2811 IC 5050 Led strip Dream Magic Color (No need controller)

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